Can you customize my order?

Please email us at! Some of our jewelries are made using molds that we cannot customize them, but we will see what we can do for you :) 


My order is a gift. Can you gift-wrap my order?
Looking for BRIDESMAIDS gifts, BIRTHDAY gifts or GIFTS for any other occasions? 

Glad you're here! We have 18 messages to choose from for any occasion! Along with the message insert, the item will come in a cute pink ribboned kraft box the receiver will love!♥

To add gift wrapping options, please visit here:

**Please note that the items purchased without gift wrapping may not come with a box**


Can I purchase just the backing for the earrings separately? 
We have other options for our earrings that are available separately here:

As both the ball end and the jewel end unscrew, you can exchange the posts using a plier to hold onto to the post and your hands on the jewel end. If you have any 16g external threaded earring backings (flat backs etc), you can also use them for this earring.

*Please note that the post exchange will only work for our earrings that already have the combinations of labrets, ball ends and butterfly back options under "Earring Post Options" available in the listing.


Can I purchase just the jewel ends separately?
No, the jewel ends will always come with a backing. 


I need help with picking out the gauge and the backing. Can you help me?Sure! First choose which gauge you'd need between 21g, 18g and 16g (21g being the thinnest and 16g being the thickest). 

21g is the same thickness as the standard earlobe piercing/earrings that are available at common retail shops such as Aldo and Claire's (21g butterfly back in particular). 21g ball end 6mm is the same thickness, but a ball screws in from the back and keeps the earring from poking the head. Please note that the post for this earring is 6mm in length.

18g is a bit thicker than 21g. This is commonly worn on piercings that have either been stretched from 21g or slightly closed from 16g and are available separately in the listing below. Choose from 6mm, 8mm and 10mm labrets.

What is a labret? They are flat backs that have the post inserted from the back and the jewel end screwed in from the front. The "mm" signifies the lengths of the posts.

16g is common needle-pierced and is thicker than 21g. 16g ball end is the same as 21g ball end, but with a thicker (16g) post. Our 16g labret options are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. 


Do invoices or receipts come with the package? 
No, we don't include receipts with the order as they are accessible online :)


Does Origami Jewels ship internationally?
Yes! We ship to our customers all around the world.:)

*Please be mindful that the shipping time for international orders with First Class Intl. can take more than 2-3 weeks (will vary by country).


I have placed an international order and I still haven't received it. Is this normal?
If the shipping method that was selected for the order is Standard Shipping, USPS (US Postal Service) may not always offer accurate or updated tracking information. 

First class international packages usually take around 2-3 weeks for delivery so please give them more time to deliver the package over to you. If it has been over a month, you can email us at and we'd be glad to help!


The tracking says the package was delivered, but I don't physically have it. What do I do? 
First, please check that the ship-to address on the order is where you are expecting the package.

If it is, it may have been that the letter carrier accidentally delivered the package to a neighboring location, the package is still sitting in the USPS truck and accidentally have been scanned or the package was stolen from the mail box.

You can ask your neighbors in case they have received your missing package. Also ask the letter carrier as in most cases, they may have more information regarding the package or can double-check their USPS car for you. There are also some times that the package is scanned earlier than they are physically delivered so after these first two steps, please give USPS a couple more days to deliver the package to you.

If you still have not found the missing package or suspect that it was stolen after the few days, please file the package as stolen using the link here:

Let us know when you have any updates for us so that we can help you further at!


What is your wholesale policy? 

We welcome wholesale purchases. Please email us at for details!