Zodiac Necklace
Zodiac Necklace
Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace

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Fall in love with these beautiful Zodiac Necklaces! They are perfect and meaningful gifts for birthdays and other occasions for your loved ones and for yourself♥

Length varies depending on birthday
Materials: 14k Gold plating over brass
Chain Length: Adjustable from around 16 - 18 inches

Jan 20 - Feb 18: Aquarius
Feb 19 - Mar 20: Pisces
Mar 21 - Apr 19: Aries
Apr 20 - May 20: Taurus
May 21 - Jun 20: Gemini
Jun 21 - Jul 22: Cancer
Jul 23 - Aug 22: Leo
Aug 23 - Sep 22: Virgo
Sep 23 - Oct 22: Libra
Oct 23 - Nov 21: Scorpio
Nov 22 - Dec 21: Sagittarius
Dec 22 - Jan 19: Capricorn


18 Messages include:
A. You smile, I smile :)
B. MOTHER, to the world you are a mother.
But to our family, you are the world
C. MOTHER♥ life wouldn't be the same without you!
D. DAUGHTER, you are one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give
E. SISTER, Always a sister and forever a best friend
F. For the best AUNT ever!
G. Friends forever and sisters at heart♥
H. LIVE like there is no tomorrow. DREAM like you will live forever
I. You are what happened when I wished upon a star
J. Happy Birthday!
K. Congratulations!
L. I can't tie the knot without you by my side…
Will you be my MAID OF HONOR?
M. I can't tie the knot without you by my side…
Will you be my BRIDESMAID?
N. For you...♥
O. I LOVE you more today than ever
P. Officially MISSING you♥
Q. THANK YOU! I couldn't have done it without you
R. WISH Look up at the starry night and wish upon a star.
Anything your heart desires will surely come to you

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